Funskin – the funzee international full bodysuit

 Funskin - Spandex bodysuit

These bodysuits are like a second skin, a smooth, funnny skin, a funskin, covering from head to toe.

The stretch, elasticated fabric covers feet, hands and head and there is a double zip at the back, which goes right to the top of the head. You can still breathe as normal through the fabric and see through it and if you want to reveal your identity you can just unzip the head part and fold down.

Where to wear your lycra bodysuit.

ou know these will be great for parties, as a festival costume or charity event.

Our funskin suit currently comes in 2 colours, Blue or Black but more colours will come if you like them.

There are 4 sizes which should fit most shapes between about 155 cms and 194 cms. Sizing, as with all funzee products, is unisex and best based on height as this determines the overall length.

Small for height between 155 to 164cms
Medium for height between 165 to 176cms
Large for height between 177 to 182cms
Xlarge for height between 183 to 194cms

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Funskin lycra body suit – Blue or Black – funskin good fun!

Black Funskin. Only 34.95€ Order Now

Blue Funskin. Only 29.95€ Order Now

How to Order

First check your country is one we deliver to: Austria, Belguim, Denmark, Eire, France, Finland, Italy,Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden.We do not deliver to Switzerland. Choose the style you like from above. Then use the blue arrow and select the most suitable size. Check Sizing Information for sizing information. Click add to cart. Add another funzee or socks. When ready, check the contents of "Your Cart" at the bottom of this page. If not right "Empty Cart" and try again. If OK click Checkout and you will be taken to PayPal where you can pay with a credit card. If you have a PayPal account, log in using your email and password; if not click on "Continue" on the left hand side.

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Note: we are constantly striving to improve the design and manufacture of funzee so your romper suit may not be exactly as shown in the photos.